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Trust Glossary

Guardian - Person appointed by a court upon its finding of disability of another (ward) and granted the legal authority and legal responsibility to care for the ward. If a ward is unable to provide for his/her food, shelter, and health care, the appointment is as guardian of the person. If a ward is unable to provide for the management of his/her property or to resist fraud or undue influence in such management, the appointment of a guardian is of the estate. If the ward is disabled in both capacities, the appointment of a guardian is of both the person and estate. In some states, a guardian is the title of the person appointed only for a minor, in which case the person appointed to care for a disabled person who has attained the age of majority is known as a conservator. A guardian or conservator may be appointed who has limited duties that the court specifically finds are needed for the care of the ward, in which case, the appointee is known as a limited guardian or conservator.

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